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Gipec College of Chaplains Inc., Gipec Chaplaincy Corps, (Life Challenge Solution Organization) is an indigenous Membership, Faith based, non denominational, non Governmental and Charity based Organization with Head Quarters in Lagos; Nigeria. Gipec Chaplaincy Corps helps in creating a Community of disciplined Christians with high standard of morality and holiness. The Chaplains help a Nation to create and maintain disciplined Citizens with fear of God We deal with the faculty of Man involved with PROBLEM SOLVING, through Counseling and CARE GIVING.

We care and support People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and People affected by AIDS (PABA), GIPEC/LCSO organizes Seminars at Units and State Command levels (L G A & States) and international Conference on TB. TB, HIV/AIDS and Cervical Cancer and organizes Get together & World Food Day programs in 36 States & Abuja, Nigeria.

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AWARDEE SOLDIERS: Established individuals and personalities in the society who are recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions. These men and women are fished out by us with the sole interest of partnership in GIPEC assignment.
COMMISSIONED CHAPLAIN: It is made up of two major people, viz- Ceremonial Chaplain and Practicing Chaplain.

a) Ceremonial– These are the commissioned chaplains that are actively delivering on their personal career, business, ministry and are also willing to join in accomplishing the mission of GIPEC as their own way of expanding the Kingdom of God on earth.

b) Practicing- These are commissioned chaplains committed to GIPEC day-to-day administration, passionate about GIPEC activities, available for meetings/trainings, and very ready to live their passion in a given area of the chaplaincy with their talent, gift and calling through GIPEC chaplaincy formation.
COLLEGE STUDENTS: These are those who desire to access knowledge and discipleship in the GIPEC College as Christians, with the goal of improving their spiritual knowledge and winning souls for Christ through their lives.

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