Code of ethic

Code of ethic

Loyalty: A Chaplain’s loyalty shall be to God and the Nation of Nigeria and all Nations in promoting the cause of Christ including endeavoring to win others to faith in Him.

Identity: A Chaplain shall carry on his/her identity card at all times

Insignias/Decorations: A Chaplain shall attain his appropriate insignias decorations from the National Headquarters.

Transfer of Insignias/Decorations: No Chaplain shall transfer his/her insignias! decorations unless through official directives.

Beard and Haircut: A Chaplain shall not wear beard except on medical.

Grounds, and male chaplain keep their hair cut in accordance with military standard, that is, neat and short, women’s heir is to kept neat and in an orderly fashion. Worldly hair styles should be avoided, for the Christian soldier is called to separate from the world.

Eating in the Public: A Chaplain in uniform shall remove his/her beret or cap before drinking, or eating in public.

Fighting: A Chaplain in uniform shall not fight or engage in open confrontation either in words or deeds when on or off duty.

Firearms Prohibited: Firearms of all kinds including rifles and hang guns are forbidden. We do not believe in carrying or storing Carnal’ Weapons, because our warfare is in the spirit, and this is where the final outcome Will be decided II Cor. 10:3-4.

Firearms will not get the job done in today’s violent world. God’s army is being formed to save men’s soul, not take them. Let it be known that all our CHAPLAINS will depend upon God for their protection. Firearms do not have a place in our Chaplaincy corps.

Chap. Gen. B. C. Dimanozie, JP., DD, DLT, DTH, PhD. C.Ed.,
Chief of Chaplains
Gipec Chaplaincy Corps

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