We are committed to foster the psycho-social spiritual growth and peace of fellow human being through prayers, counseling, visitation, helps and training. We give material aids to the needy and destitute, we donate to correct, revive and rehabilitate homes, prisons, schools, hospitals and persons in natural disaster, crisis or war affected areas.We instill discipline and impact on humanity through moralization management technique, high standard of conduct, and ethical values with respect to ethnic, cultural gender, racial and religious diversity we are involved in vocational training to empower participants to become resourceful to themselves and the society. Seminars and Conferences are organized where issues that will enhance goodness, Godliness, peace and harmony are shared, such as TB. TB, HIV/AIDS pandemic, Cervical Cancer, alcoholism, Cultism and drug abuse. We also organize workshops, film shows and other career development programmes for the young, physically Challenged persons and those struggling or facing difficulties of any kind.

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I think people forget that it doesn't take a big donation to help someone, just a lot of little donations.


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