The government of GIPEC /LCSO

(1)     Gipec consists of the three main organs, Zone (Units), State Commands & National Command; a zone is a central Office in charge of our Chaplains in all units in a Local Government Area.

(2)     State Command is the office of the State Commandant in charge of training, welfare etc of our units in that State.

(3)    National Command consists of Governing Council & Advisory Board of Men & Women of diverse qualifications and Origin, drawn from various backgrounds with wealth of experience and with the responsibility of overseeing the entire affairs of the Gipec Corps.

Gipec/LCSO is rooted in many wards, Local Government Areas and States in Nigeria with daily MEMBERSHIP growth record. We have reliable membership capacity Nation Wide Supported with numerous partners & Volunteers for strategic and effective grass root Community based development initiatives with easy partnership with Community Development Associations.

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